"Help! I've Been Summoned" Webinar

18 March 2024
7:30PM AEDT (SYD/MEL/CBR time)

Being summoned to court as a non-expert witness for medicolegal matters is a highly anxious yet almost equally inevitable occurrence for psychiatrists throughout their careers. It is often a highly stressful period, with a significant impact on the well-being of the clinician and their families, as well as their work culture and patients.

“Help, I’ve Been Summoned” will be a virtual learning event designed to provide valuable insights, guidance, and practical advice to psychiatrists and mental health clinicians who find themselves called upon as non-expert witnesses in legal proceedings. The educational event aims to alleviate the anxiety and uncertainty often experienced by medical witnesses and offer them the tools to navigate the legal process confidently.

The discussion will feature a dynamic panel of professionals who will engage in a lively conversation guided by the host (A Khaira). The panel will include a lived experience psychiatrist, a legal expert from an indemnity insurer, a practising lawyer who often represents doctors in these situations, as well as a senior experienced psychiatrist who has a specialty in medicolegal proceedings. After some initial discussion, there will be considerable opportunity for audience participation in asking questions and encouraging discussion.

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Dr. Alexandra Riddoch – Lived-experience Psychiatrist

Dr. Alexandra Riddoch boasts extensive clinical experience, having completed specialist training in metropolitan Melbourne and the Australian Capital Territory. Specializing in mood, anxiety, and eating disorders, she offers a warm, collaborative approach, ensuring a safe space for evidence-based medicine tailored to individual recovery goals. Dr. Riddoch holds a consultant position in youth mental health at the Austin Hospital and maintains an ongoing relationship with The Melbourne Clinic.

Dr. Owen Bradfield – Chief Medical Officer at MIPS

Owen, a dual-qualified medical practitioner and health lawyer, is the 2020 Fulbright Future Scholar and Chief Medical Officer at MIPS. With over 10 years in medical indemnity, he passionately advocates for fair regulatory processes, supporting members facing complex medico-legal issues. Owen combines his role at MIPS with academic research at the University of Melbourne, exploring the intersection between legal claims and doctors’ health.

Mr. Nevin Agnew – Partner at Minter Ellison

Mr. Agnew, a senior legal consultant and ADR specialist, focuses on insurance and commercial litigation. With experience in Federal Court class actions, Coronial inquests, and the creation of Comcover, he provides expertise in claims management for various professions. As a Fellow of the Australian Insurance Institute, he offers strategic interpretation advice and represents public sector clients in court.

Ms. Emma Monger – Litigation Officer at MIPS

Emma Monger, a litigation officer at MIPS and Macquarie University graduate, manages claims and regulatory matters. With a background in health law from the Medical Council of NSW and the Victorian Department of Health and Human services, she brings experience from the child protection legal office and the mental health tribunal.

Prof. Phillip Morris

Dr. Morris, Professor at Bond University, has held psychiatry professor positions at the University of Melbourne and the University of Queensland. With extensive medico-legal assessment experience across legal jurisdictions, he served on the Q-Comp Medical Assessment Tribunal – Psychiatric and chaired the RANZCP Continuing Professional Development Subcommittee.

Dr. Arjun Khaira

Dr. Khaira, a full-time consultant psychiatrist in private practice, hails from Canberra. Specializing in doctor’s mental health, racism in psychiatry, and psychiatric advocacy, he focuses on intellectual disability and youth psychiatry. As the treasurer of the ACT RANZCP Branch and a member of NAPP, AADDM, and PREMHA, he contributes to various psychiatric organizations in Australia.


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