About NAPP


We exist to advocate for our patients and on behalf of our member psychiatrists in the private and public sectors. There is no other organisation that currently exists with this brief. Whilst there are other larger organisations such as the AMA or the ADF, only NAPP has the focus and the brief to work to maintain the standards of and access to the best psychiatric care for patients. If we leave our advocacy work to other organisations, we will find that our patients and practitioners are too easily overlooked in favour of other issues of the day.

Our Purpose

NAPP is dedicated to the maintenance of quality mental health care for all, and has a proud history of advocating for sensible policy formation.  This is especially important in in today’s political culture where an increasing emphasis on cost-cutting and managerialism is becoming a danger to effective care of our patients.

Our Objectives

NAPP was established for the following objects:

  • To maintain, improve, advance and promote the ethical standards, integrity and reputation of Australian psychiatry.
  • To maintain, improve, advance and promote psychiatric care for all Australians and ensure that there is freedom of choice of psychiatric care.
  • To research, develop, establish and promote psychiatric care policies for the benefit of all Australians.
  • To increase the medical profession’s awareness of the community’s continuing and changing psychiatric care needs.
  • To promote community support for mental health research.
  • To represent both industrially and politically the professional concerns of Australian Psychiatrists and their patients.
  • To build and strengthen the relationship between psychiatric patients and their treating doctors.
  • To encourage the involvement of psychiatrists in issues of concern to the medical profession.
  • To support, maintain and encourage the work of those psychiatrists whose predominant work is in clinical practice.
  • And to thereby maintain and protect the economic viability of quality psychiatric medical practice.
  • In furtherance of the objects of the Association, to subscribe, donate and become a member of and cooperate with any other body of persons corporate or unicorporate having objects similar to or partly similar to the objects of the Association, including the learned Colleges and established medical organisations.

We ask you to support NAPP by joining us and helping us to continue to work at improving the morale and standing of psychiatrists in both the public and private sectors and appropriate access of our patients to a high standard of mental health care.

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