The Cass Report on Gender Dysphoria: is it relevant for Australia?

Webinar that discussed a new benchmark of scholarship for gender-affirming care of children and young people.

CASS Webinar – Speaker Presentations

Held on Tuesday 2nd July 2024
7.00pm – 9.30pm

Speaker: Dr Hilary Cass

CASS Review – final report and recommendations  

This video contains Dr Hilary Cass’s presentation of her review and the final report.  The presentation is approx 30 mins with 20 mins question and answers at the end

Presentation Slides: Dr-Cass-Slides.pdf

Final Report (UK) :

Panellist presentations

Speaker: Professor Patrick Parkinson

The unexplored legal issues involved in providing ‘gender affirming care’ to minors

Presentation Slides: Prof-Parkinson-slides.pdf

Time Slot:  00:00:00 – 00:26:57

Dr Alison Clayton
Dr Andrew Amos

Implications of the Cass Review for Health Policy Governing Gender Medicine for Australian Minors

Presentation Slides:

Time Slot:
Dr Clayton  00:27:00 – 00:44:40
Dr Amos      00:44:50 – 01:00:20

Speaker: Professor Dianna Kenny

Psychological therapies for young people with gender dysphoria

Presentation Slides: Prof-Kenny-slides.pdf

Time Slot:  01:02:24 –  01:30:28

Panel Questions and Answers

Time Slot:  01:30:38 –  End